religious fundamentalism

arrow is committed to addressing the growing influence of religious fundamentalism

ARROW, together with our national partners located in the Global South, is committed to addressing the growing influence of religious fundamentalism, and fundamentalist thinking and organising on the dimensions of the SRHR agenda in the Global South. We call on all governments to remove legal and policy barriers based in political, religious and cultural conservatism and make available universal access to SRHR services for all.

It has become extremely important for women’s rights and SRHR organisations to recognise and start working on the intersections of SRHR with other issues. Sexual and reproductive health and rights do not exist in isolation. To work with marginalised communities such as women and young people, it is important to understand the layers of marginalisation that communities are subjected to and the violations that they suffer.

Religious fundamentalism has rolled back past gains made on SRHR, barred the development and implementation of SRHR policies and programmes as well as in achieving universal access to SRHR. Further, the use of narrow interpretations of women’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights, has negatively influenced policy makers and the public, and created policies that hamper the realisation of universal SRHR. If we are to ensure a holistic, inclusive, and human rights-based approach to realizing women and girls’ health, then we need to address the influence of religious fundamentalisms.

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Published on April 1, 2015

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