arrow monitor the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 5a and 5b on women’s reproductive health

We have also explored linkages of MDG5 to other MDGs such as women’s empowerment, poverty, climate change and others, and the concept of human rights.

In September 2000, the Millennium Declaration endorsed by the heads of State and Government across the world, resolved “”to reduce maternal mortality by three quarters, of their current rates””. It is important to recognize that promoting, respecting and fulfilling rights as well as addressing inequalities is fundamental to achieving the MDGs. The Millennium Declaration, on which the MDGs are based, explicitly states that human rights should be central to development.

Additionally, member states have also signed, adopted, and ratified various human rights treaties. Hence, it is imperative to recognize that the development framework offered by the MDGs should be one that is contextualized within the human rights framework and this includes, especially with regard to MDG5, the right to health, the right of sexual and reproductive health, and sexual and reproductive rights. ‘Rights’ are the linchpin of the MDG agenda, although the indicators attributed to the MDGs do not explicitly state the words and analysis of progress on indicators must be predicated on the realisation of these ‘rights.’

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