ICPD+25: Older Women’s Health and Well-being in Asia and the Pacific Region

While the absolute number of persons aged 65 or over globally in 2019, is projected at 703 million, Central and Southern Asia contributed to 119 million persons (17%), and Eastern and Southern Asia contributed to 260.6 million persons (37%). These demographic shifts have implications related to health, health care systems, health workforce, health care technologies, […]

InterSEXionality: A Facilitator’s Guide

Sexuality is a central aspect of young people’s lives, and yet it largely remains taboo. At the same time, sexuality is very much political and beyond the personal, and sexuality intersects with various aspects of our lives, whether at school, at work, and at the policy level. Multiple intersecting factors are influenced by and influence […]

arrow for change – feminist and rights-based perspectives: SRHR in disaster contexts

The Asia-Pacific is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world. According to the World Disaster Report 2009, 40.5% of global disasters between 1999 and 2008 occurred in Asia, and 84.5% of those affected during the same period lived in the region. While comparative statistics for the Pacific is low given these island nation’s […]