reclaiming & redefining rights – poverty, food security, SRHR


We explore the linkages of poverty, food security, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. We underscore the need to take a synoptic view regarding the vulnerability of women’s lives in the Asia-Pacific region when assailed by poverty while simultaneously accounting these factors in SRHR.

We suggest ARROW action pathways borne from the world views of people affected at the grassroots where SRHR workers take into account the broader ramifications of poverty and develop strong linkages with broader development social movements.

We underscore the need for a world view which integrates all these aspects of human needs and political governance resulting in integrated national plans for equitable development.

We make recommendations for a way forward which will bring into focus a holistic understanding and therefore, foster social movements dealing with poverty eradication, food security, and SRHR to work with affected populations and governments in a synergistic fashion.

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Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women