ICPD+25: Revitalising and Implementing the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Agenda in the Asia Pacific Region

The main objective of this project is to monitor the twenty-five years of the implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development’s Programme of Action (ICPD POA) and develop recommendations for its review at Asia Pacific regional level, at the Mid-term Review of the 6th Asia Pacific Population Conference (APPC) in 2018 and the ICPD+25 review in 2019, through the Ford Foundation grant.

ARROW along with our partners in the Asia Pacific region as well as the Global South regions of Africa, Middle East and Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, has been consistently monitoring the implementation of the ICPD PoA, since 1994. Signed by 179 countries across the world in 1994, the PoA put the human rights as the corner stone to address population and development issues and called for a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, especially for women and girls. Governments agreed that reproductive rights, gender equality, equity and women’s empowerment are essential for improving quality of life and achieving sustained social and economic growth and sustainable development.

Through this project, ARROW will produce a regional monitoring report building on all the country data to be utilised for advocacy at the Mid-term review of APPC (regional level) as well as at the ICPD+25 review (national, regional and global level). At the national level, the project partners will produce ICPD+25 country monitoring reports on specific SRHR issue of importance to their respective country context and utilise the report for national level advocacy as well as the mid-term review of the 6th APPC and the ICPD+25.

Project Durations:
November 2017 to October 2019


Ford Foundation