Call for Applications – Publication Translation Partner (Portuguese or Spanish)

September 9, 2016 shutterstock_330456173 copy

We’re looking for a translation partner organization to collaborate with in translating the latest issue of ARROW for Change, focused on Sexuality, SRHR, and the Internet, into Portuguese or Spanish.


A collaboration between Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) and Tactical Technology Collective, “ARROW for Change Sexuality, SRHR, and the Internet” features contributions from sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and tech activists, researchers, and writers, who explore the relationships and interdependencies influencing the promises of being online: voice, visibility, and power; and look at the possibilities offered by technologies to SRHR work, amidst challenges related to access, the corporatisation of the internet, collusion between governments and technology companies, censorship, violations of privacy, sexism, and violence, amongst others. Collectively, these contributions posit a need for inter-movement building and collaborations between political struggles of digital sovereignty and freedom and those of bodily integrity and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The bulletin can be found here:


The bulletin is a peer-reviewed serial publication produced by ARROW that aims to contribute global-South-oriented, rights-based, and gender analyses of issues related to health, sexuality, and rights, and their intersections with key development issues.

Bulletin issues, including translations, can be accessed here:

Interested organisations must fill the application form at:

Possible partners must be able to justify their interest and expertise on the topic, as well as be able to demonstrate capacity to translate from English into Portuguese or Spanish, publish electronically and in print, and distribute the publication widely and strategically online and offline. They may also be asked to contribute a new article on the topic of the bulletin, which will undergo review and will be included in the translated bulletin, as well as published as a separate English supplement. Publications must be completed between October and December 15, 2016. Partners will be expected to provide a distribution and feedback report at the end of the initiative.

The deadline for application is 24 September 2016.

Notice of acceptance of applications will be given by 3 October 2016; only the successful partner will be contacted.