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we work towards an equal, just and equitable world

our vision and mission

An equal, just, and equitable world that enables all women to be equal citizens in all aspects of their lives, and that protects and advances their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We promote and defend women’s rights and their needs, particularly in the areas of health and sexuality, and reaffirm their agency to claim these rights.

Long-term Objectives

1. Systems, policies and programmes are reoriented to:

- Uphold gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights; and
- Ensure that health systems deliver comprehensive, gender-sensitive and rights-based services for sexual reproductive health that are accessible, just, equitable and of the highest quality.

2. Women’s movements and civil society are strong and effective in:

- Influencing policy agenda on women’s health, sexuality and rights;
- Holding governments and donors accountable to international and national commitments; and
- Gaining sustained representation on decision-making structures.

3. Women's lives and health outcomes improve, particularly in the area of SRHR, especially for poor and marginalised women.