We strive to enable women to be equal citizens in all areas of life

how we work

ARROW strives to enable women to be equal citizens in all aspects of their life by ensuring their sexual and reproductive health and rights are achieved.

Established in 1993 upon a needs assessment arising out of a regional women’s health project, where the originating vision was to create a resource center that would ‘enable women to better define and control their lives’, ARROW is a regional non-profit women’s organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) of the United Nations. We work closely with many national partners in countries, regional and global networks around the world, and are able to reach stakeholders in 120 countries.

We work towards achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for all in the Asia-Pacific through

Monitoring and evidence generation for change

Monitoring international commitments pertaining to sexual and reproductive rights and health is a powerful political tool and strategy used by ARROW to ensure accountability of international bodies, agencies and national governments to the commitments they promised to fulfil.

Mobilising communities for sexual and reproductive rights accountability

Strengthen civil society participation by facilitating community mobilisation through capacities strengthening of women and young people and empowering them to advocate and demand accountability from governments, and other stakeholders at the local and national leve

Building new constituencies for sexual and reproductive health and rights

Build constituencies with new organisations and alliances to develop knowledge and ownership of gender, feminism, and SRR issues by strengthening the linkage between issues that pose challenges to the SRR agenda such as religious fundamentalism and extreme interpretations of religion, climate change, conflict and crisis situations, disability, migration, food insecurity, poverty and others.

Information and communication for change

Implement strategic information and communications strategy that strengthens ARROW’s advocacy with its multi-level stakeholders, building new and critical perspectives around gender, feminism, sexual and reproductive rights and its intersectionalities, strengthening the capacities of the ARROW community (including staff and partners) and further grounding ARROW as a leading Global South feminist, SRHR organisation.


ARROW’s advocacy is geared towards ensuring compliance with human rights and global health standards in order to ensure that policies at the top are geared towards respecting and fulfilling the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of women and young people. In order to achieve this, ARROW works with national and regional level partners, stakeholders and communities.