Youth Inputs to APFSD 2020 Chairs’ Summary

April 16, 2020

by the Co-convenors of the APFSD Youth Forum- ARROW, YouthLEAD , YPEER, and the Right Here Right Now youth partnership in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan and youth networks in the region


The Asia Pacific region is home to the largest number of young people globally, about 670 million, who face intersecting challenges and marginalisations. According to recent estimates, extreme poverty in the region has decreased. However, more than 900 million people in the region are still impoverished when seen through multidimensional poverty measures, and the majority of them are young, living in rural areas, and engaged in low income agriculture-related workforce.

The effects of climate related crises and disasters are experienced by everyone, including the young people. Furthermore, the region has been experiencing religious extremism and fundamentalism, right-wing conservatism and populism, conflict and natural disasters, and aggressive trade policies. The region also continues to have a poor record on gender equality, which is rooted in systemic and structural inequalities, unequal power relations, and the control of sexuality impacting young women and girls disproportionately.

Majority of the countries do not recognise the rights of persons with diverse sexual orientations and same-sex marriage and relationships are criminalised in most countries in the region. Gender-based violence and violence against people with non-binary gender identities is alarmingly high. Young people in these situations are especially affected.

Intersecting challenges faced by young people hinder livelihoods and access to affordable and quality medicines, health services including HIV and AIDS, contraception and safe abortion, education, nutrition, and healthy food systems.

Click the link below to download the APFSD Youth Constituency Input/Statement.

Youth Inputs to Chairs’ Summary_APFSD 2020

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