maternal health

ARROW advocates for women's right to receive comprehensive maternal healthcare and services

We monitor progress in the region as well as gaps and restrictions, within the frameworks of various international processes such as ICPD, MDGs and the BPfA. Looking at pregnancy and childbirth-related mortality and morbidity indicators, we advocate for a context-specific rights-based continuum of quality care (CQC) for reproductive health.

Countries in the region are making progress in reducing mortality and increasing coverage of effective health interventions. Complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth, however, continue to remain leading causes of mortality for women of reproductive age in many countries in the region. The irony of these premature maternal deaths and disabilities is that most maternal deaths are avoidable, as the health care solutions to prevent and manage these complications are well known.

ARROW’s WHRAP-SA partnership has been able to support and strengthen the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) agenda especially for the most marginalized and most vulnerable women in the region. This modality enables joint strategic planning and evidence-based advocacy on government commitments to bring about real changes in the lives of women, young people, their families and communities. It has created new advocacy opportunities that heighten the demand for better health governance and accountability.

quotation-marksMaternal mortality still remains high in the region, with the highest seen in South Asia at 220 deaths per 100,000 live births.

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