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We aim to integrally link SRHR with food security and poverty to provide an impetus for the SRHR agenda

We have published resources that explore the interlinkages of SRHR with food security, right to food, and food sovereignty. We have also brought together representatives of various organisations and networks working on poverty, food sovereignty, food security, women’s rights, gender justice, and SRHR issues in and across Asia.

They deliberated on the intersectionalities of these movements and issues, and forged a strong cross-movement, intersectional analysis and approach that respect human rights, gender justice, and environmental sustainability. ARROW and partners have been participating in the global processes related to food security, food sovereignty and nutrition by actively participating in the ICN2 as well as its civil society forum. SRHR are further exacerbated at the intersectionalities of poverty, and lack of food sovereignty, including food (in)security and nutrition (in)security.

SRHR for all remains unattainable when people are deprived of their most basic rights, including the right to food and nutrition for all. The Asia-Pacific region has the world’s biggest share of the most-hungry people at 563 million with poor people having to spend as much as 60-70% of their income on food, a problem growing with rising food prices. Women and girls are over-represented in this context, constituting almost 60% of the under-nourished population.

quotation-marksWomen and girls constitute almost 60% of the under-nourished population in Asia-Pacific.

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