Affirming Rights, Accelerating Progress and Amplifying Action: Monitoring SDG3 in Asia-Pacific

This brief is part of ARROW’s mission towards monitoring the progress of government commitments towards Agenda 2030 in relation to women’s health and wellbeing, in particular around universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. It draws on secondary data to provide a comparison and measure progress pertaining to women’s health across 19 countries […]

Asia Network to End Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) Consultation Report

This report is the result of a five-month consultation with activists, CSOs, researchers and survivors of FGM/C from across the Asia region. Activists and stakeholders have called for greater political will to end FGM/C, including legislation and its implementation and enforcement, as well as broad awareness raising, direct work with affected communities, and work to […]

ICPD+25: The Status of Adolescents’ SRHR in Asia and the Pacific Region

The ICPD PoA acknowledges that adolescents have sexual and reproductive health (SHR) needs that must be addressed. It urges the governments to address adolescent SRH issues, including unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, through the promotion of responsible and healthy reproductive and sexual behaviour, including voluntary abstinence, and the provision of […]

InterSEXionality: A Facilitator’s Guide

Sexuality is a central aspect of young people’s lives, and yet it largely remains taboo. At the same time, sexuality is very much political and beyond the personal, and sexuality intersects with various aspects of our lives, whether at school, at work, and at the policy level. Multiple intersecting factors are influenced by and influence […]

ARROW for Change – SRHR in the Era of the SDGs

Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) opens the door for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) agenda to move forward on the global stage; in line with recent developments, this edition provides an up-to-date primer on universal access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and universality of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRR); […]

Country Profile on Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Bangladesh


This study explores the barriers and impediments that women and girls in Bangladesh are facing that make it difficult for sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) to be realized. While the country mandates inclusion of curricula on sexuality and reproductive health (SRH) in formal and non-formal education sectors, the matter is generally weakly addressed, resulting in […]