ARROW for Change: The Right to Sexuality

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Sexuality is one of the most central and defining aspects of being human. The WHO working definition of sexual rights states that all persons should have the right to the highest standard of health in relation to sexuality which includes access to SRH services; to seek, receive and impart information in relation to sexuality; sexuality education; respect for bodily integrity; choice of partner; to decide to be sexually active or not; consensual sexual relations; consensual marriage; to decide whether or not and when to have children; and to pursue a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life. However, the right to sexuality also remains one of the most hotly contested topics globally, moving it from the realm of personal to political, alongside an ever-growing movement for social and legal acceptance of SOGIESC.

This volume highlights various perspectives and voices on the right to sexuality. It analyses the links between the right to sexuality and bodily autonomy and integrity and discusses current perspectives on the right to sexuality in the region, drawing attention to the intersectionalities between the right to sexuality and issues such as class, age, ethnicity, and disability. Read about the diverse stories from the ground from countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uruguay, Fiji, Malaysia, and others.

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