arrow for change – MDGs: a critical look and some proposals for the post-2015 development framework


In the year 2000, governments around the world re-committed to the ideas of universal development and that no human being should be left behind. Out of the Millennium Declaration emerged the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were to encapsulate these global aspirations and achievements into what could be considered key performance indicators.

On the one hand, it must be recognised that the MDGs were brilliant and strategic; they were able to bring together the different UN frameworks and agencies to a common platform of development. The work of almost all key agencies were covered by the different goals, and the common platform would enable and strengthen inter-agency cooperation, as well as streamline the processes for monitoring and reporting progress on attainments. This new platform, with its promise of a more streamlined and strengthened global development framework, also renewed interest, belief and funding for the UN system at a critical juncture when all three were waning.

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