the essences of an innovative programme for young people in south east asia


ARROW and WHRAP-SEA believe that CSE is a strategy that is developed from a scientific evidence base that is coherent with the needs of particular social contexts. It aims to empower young people to achieve greater well-being – physically, socially, and mentally.

We endorse seven basic elements of CSE, which must be covered by curricula at all times. These are gender, SRH and HIV, sexual citizenship rights, pleasure, freedom from violence, diversity and relationships. CSE should uphold the human rights of all people, especially adolescents and young people, thus enabling them to access their sexual and reproductive rights.

The approach to CSE shall affirm young people’s sexuality and be sex-positive. It shall not be a fear-based model that considers young people as asexual beings. Instead, CSE shall reiterate and emphasize human sexuality and pleasure, especially young people’s entitlement to this. It shall be practical and based on the realities of young people’s lives, enabling them to gain life skills like negotiation, bargaining power in a relationship, making choices for survival, and others. The approach will also be based on the notion of adolescents and young people having agency in determining choices, based on a range of options. Informed consent, that is central to young people’s rights and needs, shall be the foundation for all decision making processes for young people.

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