arrow for change – strategizing for SRHR in asia and the pacific post-2014


There are certain points in history that are considered pivotal: this is one of those times. There is a seeming seismic shift in power with the overthrow of some authoritarian leaders and governments, and a concretisation of that power, at a first glance, within two groups—the small, elite, cross-border extremely rich on the one hand, and religious political parties on the other hand. Our world is being shaped, for better or for worse, whether we like it or not. It still remains unclear whether the development community will emerge out of this with a concretised vision of a more equal and equitable world for all human beings, especially for women.

There is a need at this time to fully understand and fully engage. A renewed battle over women’s rights, especially their rights over their bodies and their sexuality, clouded by the smoke and mirrors of cultural and religious relativism, masks a movement towards greater control over women and women’s lives.

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Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women