Right to Sexuality: Intersections with Education, Employment, Law and Citizenship


This paper examines the intersection between sexuality and education, employment, law and citizenship. The fluidity of sexuality and its capability of affecting people in multiple ways means that there is a very real need for enactments and implementations of effective laws and policies that are inclusive and prevents violence and abuse. Access to rights-based Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) spaces for children and youth; non-discriminatory employment opportunities and the recognition of sex work as a legitimate form of work; laws that are inclusive and efficient in preventing violence and sexual abuse and harassment in the real world as well as in the cyber space; and matters of sexuality in terms of legitimizing citizenship to a few marginalised group of people; these are some of the ways in which the paper highlights the fact that the fluidity of sexuality permeates all aspects of an individual’s life. The paper offers a reflective conclusion suggesting the complexity of approaching sexuality through only one perspective, and the real world consequences emerging from that method.