philippines advocacy brief on climate change and srhr

Microsoft Word – Advocacy Brief (PFPI) final

Integrating sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), population, health and environment (PHE) into the climate change (CC) response matters. A growing body of evidence on the interlinkages of SRHR, PHE and climate change among women and fishers affirms the effects of climate change ubiquitously exacerbates the situation in poor, rural and coastal communities, especially women and fishers. The SRHR/PHE integrated response is a developmental approach that necessitates multisectoral collaboration towards addressing poor health, loss of biodiversity (environment), unmet need for SRHR services that is contributing to growing population, large families and climate change specially among poor coastal communities. The approach supports key components: provision of universal access to quality health and SRHR services, natural resource management and biodiversity conservation and economically productive, stable and sustainable livelihoods. All of which are key towards achieving climate change resilient families and resources. Integrating SRHR and PHE approach into climate change policies and practices is a pledge due to women, the fishers, and other marginalized communities and to the natural resources /environment which they depend upon for food and livelihood.

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