Pakistan Country Advocacy Brief – Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE): The Way Forward

Pakistan CSE brief_001

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), in its precise form and content is non-existent in Pakistan but exists in bits under the umbrella of Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) and reproductive health and reproductive rights. Even within policies, unclear references are made to reproductive rights but within the context of youth marriages, family and life skills. With the authority held by each province upon the enactment of the 18th Amendment has seen the dissolving of the National Education Policy. The Provincial Education Policies do stress on provision of primary and secondary education to all with inclusion of LSE but do not intend to integrate CSE in the curricula, with an initiation of HIV knowledge. The brief further posits specific recommendations to the government that include active interventions to better equip the education system in Pakistan.

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Muhammad Shahzad Khan (CDA) and Fsahat-ul-Hassan (YAN)