Nepal Country Advocacy Brief – Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE): The Way Forward

Nepal CSE brief_001

Nepal needs to invest in health, education, governance and the economy to attain the demographic dividend as well as the targets of SDGs, even with its current progressive policies. This is particularly so in the area of young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), which remain a critical element of a healthy population in Nepal. This brief addressed the existing gaps of the policies in Nepal in relation to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), identifying that sexuality education is not comprehensive and is limited to only reproductive health and sexual health. With no clear definition of CSE in Nepal, the government, using the IPPF modality developed a EHP book of both public and private institutions. With the curriculum only revised every 5 years, it was identified the information is not updated with limited information about the trending myths regarding young people’s sex and sexuality. The brief further posits specific recommendations to the government that include active interventions to better equip the education system in Nepal by including adequate information on all elements of CSE.

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Amit TimilSina, Kamal Gautam, and Jyotsna Maskay