Nepal Baseline Research Report – Claiming the Right to Safe Abortion

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Nepal legalised conditional abortion in 2002, prior to which abortion was considered a criminal act and as a result of which many women were prosecuted and imprisoned. Before legalisation, unsafe abortion was highly prevalent – a 2000 study showed between 20% to 60% of obstetrics and gynaecology patients had abortion complications. The situation for women post-legalisation has improved with many receiving safe abortion services from listed service sites, however more than half (58%) of total abortions were clandestinely provided by untrained or unapproved providers, or by the pregnant person themselves. Stigma was found to be a major barrier for women to access safe abortion services. This study therefore undertaken to explore the nature and extent of abortion stigma prevalent in the community and understand study participants’ beliefs and perception towards abortion in four districts of Nepal.

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