lao pdr scoping study on climate change and srhr


This study focused only on climate change and public health policy related to the impact of climate change on SRHR of women, particularly, ethnic minority and marginalised people who live in disaster prone areas in Lao PDR. Although there is evidence to show the link between climate change, reduced crop production and the links to malnutrition and other health outcomes, little is known about how climate change directly or indirectly impacts on SRHR of women. The current study is part of a multi-country scoping study on sexual and reproductive health and rights of women related to impact of climate change. It is based on a combination of literature reviews and semi-structured interviews with key informants and stakeholders. The study had the following specific objectives:

To explore the perceptions of stakeholders on the link of climate change and SRHR

To study the perceptions of marginalised women on impact of climate change and SRHR

To identify the existing policies related to impact of climate change and women’s health specific to sexual and reproductive health and rights of minority and marginalised women

To advocate for SRHR services to marginalised women prior to, during, and after post-disaster

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