india call for action to integrate srhr into the post-2015

Call for Action to Integrate SRHR to Post 2015_India-1

Declining investments in public health sector negatively impact the health care access to the marginalised sections of the society. High maternal mortality in some states3 such as Uttar Pradesh (MMR-292), Rajasthan (MMR-255), Madhya Pradesh (MMR-230) and Orissa (MMR-235) and failure in achieving the targets related to reducing child and infant mortality underscore the neglect by Government in ful lling its responsibility of providing universal health care access. (SRS bulletin, 2013)

In this context, the situation of provision of sexual and reproductive health services is even more dismal. Access to safe and quality contraceptive services and access to safe abortion services are still out of reach for large sections. With the unregulated expansion of private medical sector, unnecessary surgeries especially caesareans and hysterectomies are being conducted rampantly. India is also becoming hotspot for reproductive health tourism for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) and commercial surrogacy.

Given the context described above, it is necessary to ensure that as part of the development agenda post 2015, India commits to respecting, protecting and ful lling the health rights of the citizens.

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