Inclusive Families: Realising Gender Equality, SRHR and Human Rights


The definition of “family” has been constantly changing and evolving over the decades, with many types including single couple households, female-headed households, and polygamous family now present in modern society. However, the classical definition, the “traditional family” or “nuclear family” – which refers to a gender conforming unit comprising a heterosexual man and woman who are legally married – remains the form that is universally espoused by culture, patriarchy, and religion. This definition, however, is rife with human rights issues with women and girls bearing the brunt of the blow; issues such as individual rights, domestic violence, and patriarchal oppression. It is within this space that the current thematic paper situates itself by addressing not only the aforementioned issues, but also providing recommendations and identifying opportunities for greater collaboration and engagement on the related issues as a means of greater assurances of SRHR.