Gender Equality Initiative in Malaysia: A Training Manual for the Media

ARROW GEI_Media Manual_2021-page-001

This training manual was developed as part of ARROW’s Gender Equality Initiative (GEI) in Malaysia. Launched in 2020, the GEI aims to contribute to the implementation of relevant CEDAW and UPR concluding observations and recommendations, specifically the adoption of the gender equality act that aims to abolish discriminatory laws and policies against women and girls and fulfill the human rights of the LGBTIQ community against discrimination and violence in Malaysia.
This manual aims to help media practitioners analyse subjects, issues and data with a gender perspective, and aims to garner public support on the thematic issues of women, girls and LGBTIQ+ persons, and work constructively through the media to change the context or environment in which the problem occurs and promote a facilitating environment for grounding human rights at the national and international level.