Breaking the Barriers: Understanding Cancer Services, Screening & Treatment Available for Women in Fiji

FWRM ICPD Research Report-01

In our bid to ensure that the Fiji Government remains committed and accountable towards the promises made in Cairo, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) decided to carry out a research study that focussed on the state of cancer services, screening and treatment in Fiji because of the high prevalence rate of reproductive cancers affecting women to date. As it stands, breast and cervical cancer remain among the top five causes of death in women around the country. Given these statistics, the need for FWRM to investigate the state of cancer services and treatment available for women became apparent, as well as the intersectional barriers that women face in accessing these services. In a nutshell, the findings of the main research topic provide a snapshot of existing gaps within Fiji’s public healthcare
system in terms of basic cancer screening coverage and methods; the accessibility of proper information; the increasing rate of late presentation; and the limited treatment available locally. Additionally, the findings of the research included the lived experiences of women who have gone through Fiji’s public healthcare system during their journey with cancer.

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Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM)