beyond ICPD and MDGs: NGO strategizing for SRHR in asia-pacific


To make SRHR a political agenda, ARROW co-coordinated with Reproductive Health Matters in 2010 on a global meeting of key thinkers and academics dubbed “Repoliticising Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, which looked at specific political agendas within SRHR such as universal access and human rights. In 2011, in preparation for this meeting, we embarked on a survey, which was initiated during the 6th Asia- Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to again ask NGOs in our region what the key issues of the region are, and from that, derive our thematic issues that we see presented here.

This incredible meeting, which brought together 127 participants from 30 countries in the Asia and Paci c regions2, resulted in three key outcomes. First is a regional call to action on the critical issues that need to be fed into international review processes and considered by UN agencies, international donors, and the development industry.

The meeting also enabled the SRHR community to place their agenda within a broader development framework. ARROW is committed to take forward the outcomes from this meeting to position the SRHR agenda in more concrete ways within national, regional, and global contexts.

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