a regional meeting to build intermovement linkages in poverty, food sovereignty, food security, gender, and SRHR in south asia


“Intersectional Understandings: A Regional Meeting to Build Intermovement Linkages in Poverty, Food Security, Food Sovereignty, Gender, and SRHR in South Asia,” was held on 10-11 September 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. It brought together activists and advocates representing 16 organisations and networks working on poverty, food sovereignty, food security, women’s rights, gender justice, and SRHR issues in and across the Asia-Pacific. The objective of the meeting was to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders from different movements, develop a common understanding of issues and their linkages particularly with SRHR, and establish modalities of working synergistically towards influencing the post-2015 development review processes so as not to end up with previous silos.

Day one featured two panel discussions, each with a set of presenters. Presenters of the first session set the context for participants to have a shared understanding of the concepts of poverty, food sovereignty and security, and SRHR. Facilitated discussions followed each presentation to better clarify and contextualise the issues in different country contexts. In the second session, presenters looked at the intersections of the issues of poverty, food security, and gender to specific SRHR issues such as universal access to healthcare, contraception, maternal health, and sexuality.

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Ambika Varma - Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women