Claiming the right to safe abortion: Strategic Partnerships in Asia

The Claiming the Right to Safe Abortion project expects to make incremental gains in the implementation of safe abortion legislation and access to services through five countries in Asia to enable greater access to safe abortion services for all women in those countries. It will also work towards pushing progressive norms and standards at the regional and international level on the right to abortion in Asia. The Safe Abortion Advocacy Initiative – A Global South Engagement (SAIGE), a sustainable, inclusive and strategic multi-country partnership to advocate for the right to safe abortion in the region and at the country level is also being developed as part of the initiative, which is being led by this partnership and partner organisations.

The project envisions that at least five organisations in five countries in Asia are able to increase their impact towards ensuring safe abortion through a multi-pronged approach which includes; evidence generation, advocacy and accountability strategies to influence the implementation of safe abortion laws and policies at multiple national levels across the region. This will also involve concerted work around dismantling barriers to safe abortion including increasing safe abortion awareness among women and service providers; addressing stigma and refusal of care based on religion and dealing with poor quality and availability of services. ARROW’s current portfolio of work on abortion is supported through a five-year project funded by RFSU (Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning) – the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education.

Project Durations:
2018 - 2022


RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education)

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