hoang tu anh

April 21, 2016 TuHoang300x300

Dr. Hoang Tu Anh (MD) is both founding member and Director of the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP), which has strong focus on promoting gender and sexuality research, training and program in health and population programs and policies. She works in number of research, training and intervention programs on gender, sexuality and HIV. She has extensive experiences of working with disadvantage groups such as adolescents, gender-based violence survivors and perpetrators, people living with HIV and sexual minorities using participatory and right-based approach in Vietnam and in the region. Much of her effort is on building research and dissemination capacity in Vietnam and transforming research into effective advocacy and interventions. She is the former chair of the Vietnam Sexual Rights Alliance, faculty member of the SouthEast Asia Consortium on Gender, Sexuality and Health, Program Advisory Committee member of the Asia-Pacific Research and Resource Center for Women and member of the IDAHO International advisor committee. Her current interests are civil society movement in Vietnam and gender-based violence toward married women and LGBT people using symbolic violence, heteronormativity and panopticon framework.