ARROW Partners’ Statements on Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

June 7, 2017 shutterstock_517118611

In light of the recent move by Donald Trump to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement, and in conjunction with our own response (which you can read here) as well as the World Environment Day, two of our partners – Huvadhoo Aid and Penita Initiative – have released their own statements expressing their views on the matter. We thank both organisations for their strong stance on ensuring human rights – especially women’s rights – are affirmed during this unprecedented move which will have a significant impact on the climate change global effort. 



Small island nations like MALDIVES is on the frontline of climate change. The decision by the Trump Administration to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change is deeply disappointing, especially for the citizens of vulnerable nations like Maldives which is exposed to more frequent extreme weather events, coastal erosion, coral bleaching, water contamination and dwindling fish which are already happening here. This leads to further adverse impacts on our society, especially marginalised groups such as women and will make them more vulnerable to adverse climate change events. This would also make it harder for disadvantaged groups to climb out of poverty.

Climate change finance is important for our adaptation to and mitigation of the effects of climate change. However, the future of USAID aid flows to small island developing countries for climate change adaptation is cracked as current US policy towards climate change action changed as a decision by Trump administration.

Imad Mohamed 

Executive Director of Huvadhoo Aid


Climate Change action and movement towards a more sustainable world does not rest in one nation or leadership of one nation. President Trump’s withdrawal most definitely has disappointed many. Yet, we should thank Mr President Trump for highlighting the fact that we all need to take action and leadership to ensure sustainability of our planet. Leadership does not rest in one person or one office. With this, we call for the UNFCCC processes to make greater commitment to ensure a gender responsive action plans and each country to ensure their climate actions leaves no one behind and no one marginalised.

Sunitha Bisan
Executive Director of Penita Initiative

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