October 16, 2018 Poem_Blogpost

by Mamata Aryal


Oh, how beautiful it was

Why did you cut your hair?

Not so easy to get married

No, no, cause you’re not fair


You’re to feed your family

Do learn to wash and cook

What is a girl if not pretty?

Pay attention to how you look


Thirty and yet single?

How is your life gonna start?

Spouse and sex and kids

Don’t you dare flee from these parts


Married and not any kids

Have you gone mad?

Two girls and no boy

Oh! That’s really sad


Going to job you lady

What will happen to your kids?

Debating with your hubby

A heavy blow is what you need


Stop now y’all, I can’t breathe

Withdraw your hands, I can’t see

For a change, be kind to me

Let me live and let me be

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