A Day to Stand Up and Speak Out to Say Yes, #SheDecides, Without Question: An ARROW SheDecides Regional Event

February 23, 2018 SheDecides 2018 sans details

On March 2nd 2017, global leaders came together behind the rallying cry of SheDecides to defend girls and women’s rights to control what happens to their bodies, their futures and their lives. SheDecides was launched as a global movement to support the fundamental rights of girls and women to decide freely and for themselves about their sexual lives, including whether, when, with whom and how many children they have. The movement has grown immensely since then and has spearheaded the promotion, provision, protection, and enhancement of the fundamental rights of every girl and woman.

To mark the first anniversary, dubbed the #SheDecidesDay, the founding countries of the SheDecides initiative; Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark along with Finland will be supporting an initiative from the Asian Pacific Research & Resource Centre for Women (ARROW) to bring together like-minded individuals, thought-leaders, champions, donors and the media to share their stories, the lived experiences of girls and women in the region and reaffirm the pledge for SheDecides regionally.

If you are based in Malaysia and are interested in the event, contact us via the details provided in the event page!

Find out about other SheDecides events around the globe: https://www.shedecides.com/events-page

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