Regional Consultant – Development of Training Manual

  • Call for submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) for a Regional Consultant: Development of a training manual on defending the sexual rights of women and girls with disabilities
    facing violence in Bangladesh

    The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) is a global south, non-government women’s organisation based in Malaysia working to advance women’s health, affirmative sexuality, and rights—areas where progress is still slow and uneven, despite great gains in health. Founded in 1993, ARROW aims to empower women and young people through information, engagement, communications, mobilisation, partnerships, strengthening women’s movement and social movement and monitoring and research around international commitments on women’s health, especially sexual and reproductive health and rights. In this way, ARROW helps lead and sustain momentum for gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) agenda in the Asia Pacific region and the regions of Global South.

    ARROW is seeking an Expression of Interest from experts who will develop a training manual on sexuality rights of WGWD facing violence in the South Asia region. The training manual will be initially used in Bangladesh with future plans to expand the usage and applicability of the manual in neighbouring countries with similar country context.


    ARROW and UN Women are partnering on a three-year initiative to end violence against women and girls with disabilities which will be implemented by Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF) in selected remote areas of Bangladesh . This initiative will aim to defend the sexuality rights of women and girls with disabilities (WGWD) facing violence. This will be achieved through a multi-pronged approach which includes awareness raising and advocacy activities as well as a baseline survey during Year 1 of the initiative covering the following: a thorough understanding of the situation of WGWD, their knowledge in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), assessment of how various forms of sexual and gender based violence affects their SRHR and the response mechanism available to address it.

    In the last few years, especially since the enactment of the 2013 law in Bangladesh on protecting the rights of persons with disabilities, significant progress has taken place on the State level to ensure that the concerns of persons with disabilities is addressed. However, WGWD continue to face
    numerous barriers to access information and services. SRHR of WGWD is still a neglected topic in Bangladesh and non-prioritization of SRHR combined with the lack of knowledge, awareness and accessibility on this issue makes WGWD further vulnerable to exploitation. In most cases, violence against WGWD go unreported to the police, with victims facing stigmatisation because of their gender and disability. This scenario along with many other factors affects the access to justice rights of WGWD and prevents them from receiving legal remedies/reliefs. Furthermore, the neglect around SRHR of WGWD means that the effect of such violence on WGWD’s sexual and reproductive wellbeing is not accounted for and the SRHR lens is missing in the discourse around sexual and gender violence perpetrated against them.


    Overview of the format and content of the manual
    The training manual will include a detailed content and methodologies for a training workshop. It will aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants on the issue. Each session of the training will outline the topic, methodologies, duration, required materials, required preparation and
    will provide handouts and further reading materials. Though the content of the manual will largely be informed by a regional consultation and the findings of the ongoing baseline studies , it will be designed in such a way that each session can be used as a standalone session. This will allow the
    manual to be used by both the beginners and advanced learners. The training materials will include a book for trainer and a book for trainee including required handouts for each session.


    Objective of the Consultancy
    The Consultant will be responsible for developing a comprehensive training manual covering topics related to SRHR of WGWD and link it with how knowledge on SRHR contributes towards upholding the sexuality rights of WGWD in the context of violence. The Consultant is expected to develop the manual using the following steps:

    ● Coordinate and faciliate a regional consultation with experts on disability rights and SRHR from the region to discuss the content of the manual and incorporate inputs provided by the experts.
    ● Draft and finalise the training manual that will be user friendly and informative.
    ● Ensure that the training manual includes chapters and tools relevant to disability rights and SRHR including discussions on accessibility and how the topics relate to prevention of violence against WGWD.
    ● Include helpful tools that will benefit Master Trainers when they conduct capacity strengthening training to disability rights advocates.
    ● Draft and finalise content that will be used as annexes to the training manual.


    Beneficiaries of the training manual
    For the purpose of this initiative, the manual will be used for the Training of Trainer (ToT) of at least 10 advocates working on rights of WGWD in Bangladesh. Learnings from the training manual will be used by Master Trainers to train advocates, Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), WGWD and other relevant stakeholders. It is therefore expected that the manual will cover topics related to SRHR of WGWD and link it with how knowledge on SRHR contributes towards upholding the sexuality rights of WGWD in the context of violence.


    Timeline of the Consultancy
    The timeline for completion of task is as follows:


    Expected date of delivery

    Agree on the outline of the manual and prepare for a regional consultation on the manual 30 April 2020
    Hold  regional consultation with experts 10 May 2020
    Desk review and drafting of manual 31 May 2020
    Review by experts 10 June 2020
    Finalisation of draft with inputs from reviewers 15 June 2020
    Approval of the final draft manual 20 June 2020

    Eligibility of Consultant

    ● Regional expert (academic/research) in the field of SRHR and disability and their interlinkages with gender, violence, human rights and services (legal and health) in the South Asian region.
    ● Have good track record or experience in consultancy work and published work in SRHR and disability, gender, violence, human rights and legal aid.
    ● Proven skills on facilitating consultations.
    ● Expert in the regional context (South Asia) and situation of rights of WGWD.
    ● Have a gender responsive and inclusive approach.
    ● Proven skills in producing quality work and outputs as stipulated in the EoI.
    ● Strong writing and analytical skills.
    ● Ability to develop the manual within the given timeline and budget
    ● Maintain close communication with ARROW and WDDF throughout the development of the manual.


    Submission Deadline
    Please submit your Expression of Interest (EoI) including a cover letter and budget breakdown to and by Tuesday, 10 April 2020.

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