Programme Manager – Information and Communications

  • ARROW’s Vision

    An equal, just and equitable world, where every woman* and young person enjoys their full Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

    ARROW’s Mission

    To promote and defend women’s and young people’s rights and needs, particularly in the areas of health and sexuality, and affirm their agency to claim these rights.

    Long-term Objectives:

    a. Systems, policies and programmes are reoriented to:

    • Uphold gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights; and
    • Ensure that health systems deliver comprehensive, gender-sensitive and rights-based services for sexual reproductive health that are accessible, just, equitable and of the highest quality

    b. Women’s movements and civil society are strong and effective in:

    • Influencing policy agenda on women’s health, sexuality and rights;
    • Holding governments and donors accountable to international and national commitments; and
    • Gaining sustained representation on decision-making structures.

    c. Women’s lives and health outcomes improve, particularly in the area of SRHR, especially for poor and marginalised women.

    Practice Principles:

    All staff employed by ARROW are expected to have an active commitment to the advancement of women’s rights and well-being, particularly related to sexual and reproductive rights. It is expected that this commitment will be evident in the interactions with the community of stakeholders advocating for change to social, environmental, political and financial barriers to health of the women of Asia and the Pacific. ARROW staff members are also expected to abide by ARROW’s anti-corruption and Sexual Harassment clauses, ARROW’s values and principles, and be guided by the ARROW Management and Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP).


    Role Context:

    The role of the Programme Manager is to provide planning and management support to the development, implementation and evaluation of effective, timely and appropriate projects and programmes. As part of the programme management team, the role will also contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization in meeting its goals and objectives and in maintaining its practice principles. Malaysians are strongly encouraged to apply. 


    Responsibilities of the Position:

    Programme planning and management

    • In collaboration with programme staff and the Programme Director, will develop annual plans for ARROW’s programmes, utilising the annual and mid-year planning processes.
    • Contribute to the development of annual operational budgets.
    • Assist the Programme Officers to develop individual work plans, and ensure development and implementation of annual project work plans, and review and revise them periodically as the need arise.
    • Ensure high quality implementation of projects by relevant ARROW programme team.
    • Facilitate team and project/programme planning, monitoring and evaluation meetings on regular basis or to delegate appropriately.
    • Further develop and implement project and programme monitoring, evaluations and review mechanisms.
    • Develop and contribute to finalise and ensure quality and regularity of programme due diligence mechanisms: annual programme advisory committee meetings, QPRs, annual report, and donor reporting.
    • In collaboration with Programme staff, develop and ensure implementation of plans for the evaluation of programme outcomes.


    Programme implementation and advocacy

    • Develop a comprehensive Information and Communications strategy that builds on social media and other online and offline media communications.
    • Develop and support the implementation of social media campaigns, online knowledge production and management to serve the organisation’s strategic long-term outcomes.
    • Coordinate and oversee publications, translations and other knowledge production and sharing with the Publications Officer.
    • Steer strategic online communications/media engagement to promote ARROW’s programme of work and increase visibility.
    • Enable quality regular information support to partners and stakeholders through mechanisms including the digital resource centre.
    • Implement, monitor, and evaluate and create a learning culture at ARROW through the Information and Communications.projects effectively for ARROW.
    • Coordinate external contracts and partners’ project agreements related to this, where relevant..
    • Manage and monitor project budgets and disbursements and contribute to accuracy of financial reports, where relevant.
    • Organise programme/project meetings and capacity-building workshops in collaboration with the Programme Director and other staff.
    • Liaise with, and provide appropriate guidance and coordination to staff, consultants and resource persons to ensure high quality of deliverables.
    • Develop, maintain and strengthen partnerships for the Information and Communications programme project by providing information, cooperating or giving other forms of relevant support.
    • Conduct activities and events to reinforce and enhance effective partnerships.
    • Develop and leverages national, regional and international networks in achieving work outcomes for the Information and Communications programme.
    • Identify advocacy opportunities in the region and globally in relation to programme specific issues.
    • Ensure high quality development and implementation of the Information and Communications programme advocacy plan.
    • Provide technical assistance for the articulation of issues at the national and regional levels by providing regional and global context analysis.
    • Keep the lines of effective and strategic Information and advocacy Communications open between partners, ARROW and other advocacy partners as necessary.


    Team management

    • Provide comprehensive programme orientation to new members of the programme staff team/s.
    • Manage team dynamics and inter-personal relationships to enhance programme implementation.
    • Provide timely and constructive feedback to team members on quality of work.
    • Enable conducive environment for effective self-management and programme management.
    • Set and uphold institutional work culture and create a positive and healthy work environment.


    Knowledge management, sharing, documentation and inter team collaboration   

    • Establish and maintain collaborative and team approaches to the achievement of objectives of ARROW’s projects and related programmes.
    • Facilitate communication within the team, between programme and operations teams.
    • Ensure that up-to-date and accessible documentation related to all programme areas is maintained in the Management Information System (MIS).


    Organisational Development 

    • Contribute to the ARROW management team and assist the Programme Director and Executive Director in the development of the organisation.
    • Assist the Programme Director in personnel recruitment and development of orientation, training and personnel appraisal systems and practices for programme staff, and other senior staff when necessary.
    • Assist the Programme Director with strategic planning of ARROW programmes.
    • In collaboration with the Programme Director and other Managers and/or appropriate staff members, coordinate and contribute towards the development of project funding proposals.
    • Supervision and mentoring the Programme Officers including orientation, identifying training needs, personnel appraisal and review/updating of their Job Descriptions.
    • Resource the Programme Management Team by providing relevant information to assist with decision-making and providing written reports including donor reporting.
    • Report to the Programme Director on issues affecting programme, finance or budgets arising from ARROW’s programme.
    • Plan and organise relevant ARROW meetings and workshops, including inputs for the Board of Director’s meetings and the Programme Advisory Committee meetings or other meetings deemed appropriate by the Programme Director and the Executive Director.
    • Represent and promote the work of ARROW among its stakeholders of individuals and organisations at national, regional and international conferences and meetings.
    • Other duties as directed by the Programme Director.



    The position is directly accountable to the Programme Director.

    The position supervises the work of all relevant project and related programme staff.


    Requirements for the Position:

    • Minimum 5-8 years’ experience in a management role ideally with a regional or international organisation.
    • A minimum of a Masters degree in relevant disciplines.
    • In depth understanding of SRHR, gender, feminism, and human rights and knowledge and familiarity with development issues in the Asia Pacific region.
    • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills (fluency in English is essential; knowledge of other UN languages and key Asia-Pacific languages a plus).
    • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, proactive, sense of humor; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical programme initiatives
    • Excellent judgment and creative problem solving skills including negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
    • Strong mentoring, coaching experience to a team with diverse levels of expertise.
    • Excellent project and human resource management skills; ability to lead, influence and engage direct and indirect reports and peers.
    • Self reliant, good problem solver, team player, and results oriented.
    • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical programme initiatives.
    • Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with ARROW Senior Management, Staff and Stakeholders.
    • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to and passion for ARROW’s mission and SRHR movement.
    • Willingness to travel.


    How to apply:

    Please send a cover letter, stating your interest and why you are a suitable candidate for this position, along with your CV to [email protected] 


    ‘woman*’ with an asterisk, includes trans, denoting a placeholder for the ‘entire range of possible gender identities that fall under the broad definition of trans’ (see Global Action for Trans Equality and American Jewish World Service 2014: 3).

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