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pooja badarinath

May 25, 2016 pooja-300

Pooja, is a lawyer by training and holds Masters’ degree in Human Rights Law from National Law School from India University, Bangalore, India. She has been working and writing on issues of gender and sexuality in India for more than a decade.  Her professional experience has focused primarily on analysis of law and policies related to gender and sexuality – it’s impact and implementation leading to recommendations to change/reform law and policy and State accountability and intersections of gender and sexuality in conflict.


Prior to joining ARROW in April 2016, Pooja was coordinating the advocacy and research portfolio in CREA, New Delhi and has also worked in Partners for Law in Development and Lawyers Collective Women’s Rights Initiative in New Delhi, India.  Her research and writing interests include the intersection of law and analyzing law and judgements from a feminist perspective.  She is particularly interested in understanding the links between different laws and policies which impact on women’s lives seamlessly although appearing very different from each other.


Pooja was the Senior Programme Officer, Women’s Health and Rights Advocacy Partnership (WHRAP) with ARROW from March 2016 to April 2017.