We strive to enable women to be equal citizens in all areas of life

how we work

We work towards achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for all in the Asia-Pacific through:

Knowledge sharing through information and communication

Building strong and effective partnerships and networks

Monitoring and evidence-based research for better advocacy

Improving organisational systems for better outcomes

Information and communications (Infocom) is catalytic to strengthening ARROW's and partners' ability to influence key stakeholders about SRHR policies and programmes. ARROW currently reaches more than 120 countries across the globe.

Monitoring and Research ensures that national governments and international bodies meet their obligations and responsibilities on women's rights regarding their health and sexuality, especially commitments made under the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). We have partnered with feminist leaders, women NGOs and researchers to define a distinct monitoring agenda for the Global South and to develop related monitoring indicators.

Building and strengthening partnerships for advocacy with other organizations is an important mechanism for ARROW. Our strength in achieving our collective goals and making a difference in women's lives lie in these partnerships.

For us, organisational development involves not only effective financial and administrative processes, but also sound human resource management policies and accountable decision- making mechanisms. Additionally, we focus on enhanced learning and sharing processes within ARROW and among partners on best organisational management practices.